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Who we are

Grand Coders was founded in 2015 on a kitchen table of a game entrepreneur Richard Douglas . But the true story began in the year of 2001, where the advent of the Unreal Level Editor 1.5 had changed everything.

The CD game of the UT Gold 99 that had the UEditor 1.5, had turned the young enthusiasm into a career almost 15(!) years later. Changing textures in High Speed Solo level, and making it work on a Celeron 433mHz with an on-board 8MB VGA was indeed a High Speed Solo.

About Grand Coders

Why we are

Making rich story games that will look and feel the same way movies do wasn't known or anyhow forseen in 2001. We always wanted to make feature length movies, but it was too darn expensive to own such equipment...

By learning game engines from scrath, we have discovered the Unreal Engine 4 and thence the cinematic game making made it's own point. The 'ghost' of the Unreal Engine 1.5. returned back... this time with the full set of cinematic camera simulations in the game engine itsef:

  • Panavision 35mm
  • Academy standard 16mm
  • DSLR 35mm, so on.

What we do

We bring such titles as:

  • Globiuz
  • Doc Dodgers

Visit Globiuz on douglasofficial.com!

About GC games