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Globiuz: the adventure of a Crustacean

World of Ferania I: the adventure of a Crustacean

Vast lands of the fantasy world named Globiuz are open to their fantasy dwellers, who co-exist with humans as a sub-race ..

On the island of Legumer...

A Crustacean creature named Claw & the Bean Elf named Toe were the best friends on the island of Legumer (a tiny island in the huge world of Globiuz).

They gathered beans and legumes for export. They worked hard to earn they freeedom, but the lightning stroke twice... As they witness numerous changes on their tiny Legumer: the 'mutex' change, the strange creatures from different places and even monster pillages... In one of those raids, they've stumble upon a strange, made of steel Mechanoid 'creature' who asked them for help...

Ferania I: the adventure of a Crustacean

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